The era of independent individual practice has given way to an era of  interdependent group practice. The rapid changes in the economy would require equal rapid changes in the legal requirements of clients. The challenge is to meet the emerging need of the legal profession. The Practice group which anticipates change correctly and positions itself accordingly would have the cutting edge.

The aim is to be numero uno. However, the path is as relevant as the destination. The means would be circumscribed by the parameters of eternally relevant character ethics. In fact the only anchor in the ever destabilized dynamic scenario would be the character values which the group shares and implements it in its functioning. The group also needs to realize that good have lost, not because they were good, but because they were weak. Every member of the group requires to strengthen the weakest link in the chain.

The importance of systems in accordance with which the group function cannot be understated as empirically, a systematic tortoise has always beaten a non-systematic hare.

The group, after the take off stage, needs to function on professional lines and has to ensure that its services are relevant to the society. As long as relevancy to the society is not forgotten, the group is destined to succeed.

Rupinder Singh Suri, Senior Advocate
Former President, Supreme Court Bar Association
Former President, Supreme Court Advocate on Record Association